About BCK

Bryan Curt Kostors (b. 1979) is a composer of diverse and evocative American music for orchestra, band, choir, chamber groups, soloists, film, multimedia, and dance. The drastic and contrasting landscapes of the American West – desert, basin and range, high mountain peaks, ocean coast – play a prominent role in Kostors’ music, and especially the unique locations surrounding his home in the Owens Valley region of California. A central element of Bryan’s work is the exploration of how place affects sound, visuals, and emotional interpretation, and how the history, landscape, or social aspects of a given geography can be used to create artworks that speak to a wide and varied audience. Kostors has studied with Don Crockett, Stephen Hartke, Frank Ticheli, Virko Baley, and Sean Friar. He is an active music educator, currently teaching composition, music theory, and aural skills at the Thornton School of Music at USC, as well as conducting the wind ensembles at Malibu High School. Kostors’ music has been performed by the USC Symphony Orchestra; the USC Wind Ensemble; What’s Next? Ensemble in Los Angeles; the Downey Symphony Orchestra with conductor Sharon Lavery; members of the Wuhan Philharmonic in Wuhan, China; members of the Argus Quartet at the Hear Now Festival in Los Angeles; the Nextet Ensemble at the University of Nevada Las Vegas; and has recently been commissioned and had performances by Clairobscur Dance Company in Santa Monica, film scores, and multimedia works. Bryan splits his time between living in Los Angeles at Party Pad South® where he and friends and colleagues discuss solutions to the world’s problems over martinis and records on the hi-fi, and living in the Owens Valley near the base of Mt. Whitney and along the border of Death Valley National Park where explorations into the desert, complete with hot springs, 4×4’s, desolate camps and roaring fires, are common.



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