Bryan Curt Kostors is a composer of diverse and evocative music for orchestra, band, choir, chamber groups, soloists, film, multimedia, and dance. The drastic and contrasting landscapes of the American West – desert, basin and range, high mountain peaks, ocean coast – play a prominent role in Kostors’ music. A central element of Bryan’s work is the exploration of how place affects sound, visuals, and emotional interpretation, and how the history, landscape, or social aspects of a given geography can be used to create artwork that speaks to a wide and varied audience. 

Bryan is expanding and developing his work in music for multimedia and hybrid media. His works include elements of virtual reality, visual media, tangible artifacts, dance, and data processing. recent performances include the world premiere of Concert Walls at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles with Clairobscur dance, which incorporated live music and dance in and throughout the architecture of the building; The world premiere of Flood in Houston, Texas for solo percussion and weather data, which creates sound in real-time using weather data from Eastern California; and a performance by Hocket of A Land Between in Las Vegas, Nevada, for piano duo, which intertwines the acoustic piano with modular synthesizers.

In his recent electronic music works and those for electroacoustic ensembles, Bryan is exploring ways of transcribing and notating music for modular synthesizer, and creating new ways of scoring the chance operations involved in the creation of much of this music. The score for his piece Thoughts and Prayers, recently given its world premiere in Pasadena, California, uses real-time manipulation of vocal parts, and delves into new ways that acoustic sounds can be supported and augmented in performance by electronic means.

Kostors is completing a doctoral degree in composition at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California, and has studied composition with Don Crockett, Stephen Hartke, Frank Ticheli, Virko Baley, and Sean Friar. He is an active music educator and has taught kindergarten to college-level courses. He is currently the chair of the composition department at the University of Montana School of Music, where he teaches composition and music technology.