BRYAN CURT KOSTORS | Imaginary Dances
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I: Introduction

II: La Danza del Diváio

III: Valse Pamplemousse

IV: El Tango Extraño de Big Tina y Big Rico

V: La Tarantella Claustrofobica


Imaginary Dances was inspired by my step-daughter’s amazing, completely made-up dance routines. When she was little, she called her hip bone her “diváio”, and in considering that, thus started the process of writing this piano quartet. That characteristic silliness should be part of the approach to this piece – it gives it a sense of fun. After all, Big Tina and Big Rico are the names she gave two grouper fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and “The Claustrophobic” is a dance so strange I’m not sure even this music does it justice. The piece consists of a slow introduction, a fast dance in 4/4, a waltz, tango, and finally a Tarantella.


Pianist Nadia Schpachenko and members of the Argus Quartet perform Imaginary Dances at the Hear Now Festival of new music

Violin, viola, cello, piano

This work is for