BRYAN CURT KOSTORS | Measures of Distance
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Though it would be a reasonable assumption to imagine that this piece, Measures of Distance, is about the types of elements often found in my music – landscapes, expansive horizons, and travel across such places – in fact this work is more about time and aging. The melodic and harmonic characteristics of the piece are used to explore a number of abstract ideas about what it means to grow older and more distant from not only parts of your past, but perhaps also from others in your life.


Measures of Distance was commissioned by Bronson Foster, who also gave its world premiere in November of 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In discussing ideas for the piece, Bronson suggesting writing something that was not only for his instrument – bassoon – and piano, but also including a solo dance part. I immediately loved the idea, and Bronson worked with dancer Louis Kavouras to realize the work as both an instrumental and dance piece. Though the initial conception with Louis was for male dancer, the piece can certainly be performed with either a male or female dancer in the soloist role.


Solo bassoon, piano

This work is for