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Professor of Music Theory, Composition, and Aural Skills, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California 2016 to present

MUCO 502: Introduction to the Analysis of Post-Tonal Music Introductory survey of 20th/21st century approaches to the organization of pitch (serial, modal, extended tonal, etc.), rhythm, texture and form for masters and doctoral students MUCO 140: Music for Dancers Music theory, history, aural skills, and analysis for dancers; this course is for dance majors at the Kaufman School of Dance at USC and its focus is on developing musical understanding as a way to enrich collaborative work between dancers and musicians
MUCO 132A/B: Aural Skills Aural skills and ear-training for first-year music majors during fall and spring semesters; techniques of tonal melodic and harmonic content, as well as rhythm and dictation
MUCO 133A/B: Music Theory Music theory for first-year music majors during fall and spring semesters; techniques of tonal harmony, form and analysis, composition, and counterpoint
MUCO 321: Private Instruction in Composition for Non-Majors Composition lessons for Thornton School students majoring outside of the composition track

Director of Bands, Malibu High School, Malibu, CA 2016 to present

Director of band programs at Malibu High School, grades 6 through 12; conducting intermediate and advanced band courses, covering performance practice, instrumental technique, music literacy and understanding, music history

Teaching Assistant, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California 2014 to 2016

MUCO 132A/B, 232A/B: Aural Skills Aural skills and ear-training for first-year music majors during fall and spring semesters; techniques ranging from tonal melodic and harmonic content to post-tonal and serial, as well as rhythm and dictation
MUCO 300: Music Theory Review (Independent Study) Graduate theory review covering tonal theory, form and analysis, and identification of post- tonal techniques
MUCO 333: Aural Skills Review (Independent Study) Graduate aural skills review covering tonal practices, dictation, rhythm, and harmonic identification
MUSC 422: The Beatles: Their Music and Their Times Assisting professor Bill Biersach / The history and music of The Beatles, including analysis, theory, and cultural importance
MUSC 423: Classic Rock: Popular Music of the Sixties and Seventies Assisting professor Bill Biersach / Historical survey of American rock music from the 60’s and 70’s

Teaching Assistant, University of Nevada Las Vegas 2011 to 2013

MUS 101: Music Fundamentals Music theory, analysis, history, and techniques for non-majors, including tonal, post-tonal, concert music and popular music practices
MUS 201, 304: Music Theory MUS 201: Music theory for freshman music majors, covering tonal practices as well as form and analysis / MUS 304: Assisting professor Diego Vega; music theory for sophomore music majors, covering extended tonal practices and post-tonal theory, form and analysis, and compositional techniques MUS 201, 304: Ear-training MUS 201: Ear-training and aural skills for freshman music majors covering tonal music, harmony, and rhythm / MUS 304: assisting professor Diego Vega; ear-training and aural skills covering post-tonal melodic and harmonic techniques, and 20th century rhythmic techniques
MUS 113, 213: Music Composition MUS 113: Beginning music composition for music majors; covering basic compositional techniques such as canon, sequence and imitation, melodic development, harmonization, etc / MUS 213: Assisting professor Diego Vega: advancement of compositional techniques from MUS 113, including fugue, twelve-tone technique, text setting, orchestration, etc Private instruction Private instruction in music composition, theory review, and aural skills review

Lone Pine Unified School District 2009 to 2011

High school, grades 9 through 12 Choir, mariachi, general music Middle School, grades 6 through 8 Band, choir, general music Grade school, grades K through 5 Band, choir, general music